Paint a Picture?

First – like so many of my fellow bloggers, I have made a mental note to self to post at least once a week. From past couple of months, the writer in me has really been prompted by only the Daily Prompts. But hey, this is a start, right? A good one? Well, I certainly would like to believe so.

I always and without fail, always have a lot of commotion in my mind which also includes my daily dose of day – dreaming. But given the scenarios in my life right now, it is actually in a clutter. So, there are even more thoughts wading and zig –zagging their way through already engaged grey matter. My frame of mind on a canvas would be chaos too.

There will be a lot of lines. They will be criss – crossing and angling in all plausible directions across the length and breadth of the canvas. Varying in thickness and intensity of the colour black. These depict all the parallel thought processes, sorted according to the priorities and enormity of the situation. The setting of all of these would be a dense cloud like element – dark and foggy.

But all the seriousness and obscurity will be very adequately punctuated with tiny sparkles of sunlight, butterflies and flowers littered around the canvas. The dash of liveliness stands for a huge and much-needed reprieve from the boredom of murk.

On a personal note – work is improving. It is not at its best, but definitely loads better. Hopefully all the other troubles will sort themselves out in due time.



3 thoughts on “Paint a Picture?

  1. I really like your writing style, fantastic information, thank you for posting :D. “Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less.” by Norman Mailer.


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