Star Plus Mahabharat- New Treatment of the old Saga

Courtesy:- Career Masti

The story of the great epic Mahabharata has been passed on from generations, told and retold in various forms, over hundreds of years. It remains a delightful tale of desires, hunger for power and evil vs good. Various versions, translations, cinematic interpretations are out there for readers to gorge on and viewers to treat themselves.

At present, Star Plus is broadcasting its own rendition of the saga in its prime time slot of 8:30 pm on weekdays, half an hour episodes. Keenly interested in Mythology and having read one of the English translations, I found myself drawn towards the series that takes the viewer on a voyage of times thousands of years back.

It has inevitably drawn a lot of comparisons with the previous editions of Mahabharata. While the B.R Chopra’s still feels authentic in treatment and characters, the newest version stays true to the story, grandeur and is accompanied by visual effects befitting to the era of advancement in technology. So you get to see more somersaults, sky – high jumps along with other dramatic stunts and visuals.

Some of the cast members instill an amazing recall value – the characters of Dhritarashtra, Bheeshma, Kunti, Krishna and Shakuni are well-played. It looks like ample amount of research has gone into the Jewelry, Costumes and Armour department. The dialect and pronunciations, though not always up to the mark, are pretty much taken care of. On the whole, in my personal opinion I find the series worth buffering on YouTube on the weekdays.

But the bottom line is – I am more interested in the story itself than the narrator 🙂