Gateway to Happiness

What if you could travel to where ever you wanted- anytime of the day, without having to worry about money and all sorts of permits/permissions & paperwork? If you could fold that door into a small bag like Hermione Granger and carry it around everywhere you went? Wouldn’t that be…what would that be? In my terms that would be my own Gateway to Happiness! 😀

If I had to choose from the three luxuries of Invisibility Helmet, Time Machine and Anywhere Doors I would pick the later in a heartbeat. I would use it to visit, explore and experience all the places that I have ever wanted – Hogwarts being the priority.

Oh, and then there would also be the bucket list- the list of real places on earth to visit. You can read all about it here 🙂

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That Friendly piece of Advice

There has been no dearth of such circumstances in my life where I have fervently believed that, that was probably the worst time of my life. But thankfully, I have been able to climb out of all such situations – stronger and better.

One such time, not so long ago – I was utterly disturbed. You know those time when loads of tiny bits didn’t quite add up. Work wasn’t so great. I was having trouble convincing myself that this was really my dream job. Quite a few major decisions had been made, which were not quite to my liking and I had no control over them. I was having a hard time seeing eye to eye with people around me.

During one of those days, emotionally pent-up, I went to a temple which was on my way to work. I was seeking some peace, some solitude and some relief from the mental pressure that had built over the last few days. And all the frustration – it was probably showing on my face as I refused to give in to angry tears.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw an elderly man sit quite close beside me. After making himself comfortable, he turned towards me, addressed me directly and said very clearly “Child, don’t fret this much. If you are here, that means you are okay. It’ll all pass.”

That’s it. Those words. It took a minute for them to sink it. When I turned to look into his direction, he was already clambering up and was gone before I could formulate a reply in thankfulness.

Honestly, those words got me through the not – so good phase and now that I reflect back I can say – Everything happens for your own good.

Daily Prompt: 11th May, 2014