Feeling Philosophical

I have been feeling bit philosophical these days. I don’t know if that’s related to my elevated urge to write. But as long as the later keeps happening, I believe there’s no harm done.

My room-mate is MIA and I am celebrating one of the grandest and most important festivals in India – Durga Puja. It is really heartwarming how the community comes together in a grand show spirituality and bhakti during the 10 days of celebration. It is also an excuse to go out, meet with friends, pile calories to your heart’s content and most importantly make memories that last a life time.

Elaborate pandals have been erected that house beautiful life-like idols of Maa Durga and her other avatars/roops. Durga Puja or Dessehra depicts the triumph of good over evil.

It is just the onset of the festive season in India. Durga Puja will be followed by Id, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Christmas – festivals which reiterate the cultural extravaganza India is.

Durga Puja

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Just Be!

Life is as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. It isn’t easy – hell no. Don’t confuse simplicity with ease, no sir. There will be road blocks, you’ll blank out of solutions and reasons, you’ll lose faith and hope, nothing will seem to be going in the right direction. But in end, it will always work out – like it is supposed to be. We just have to keep at it.

Life is made of memories. Some take a back seat while we make new ones. Life is also a great teacher.  Wise take the lessons to heart and don’t make the same mistake twice. I have learnt quite some lessons myself – lower expectations from people, to smile more often, to say no when required, to help others, keeping my word, honesty and more recently – just being myself.

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Calling a Spade – a Spade!

One day, many months ago, I read something that I shouldn’t have. It wasn’t intentional. It was a chat between two of my close friends. They had quite a few mean things to say about me and a close friend of mine. My heart broke. I had never in my wildest dreams thought that they were capable of being so mean, judgemental and hypocritical, when they were always so sweet and supportive on my face. The incident manifested a drastically different face of their personalities to me.

Crestfallen, I discussed this incident with the two people closest to me. Let’s call them S and M for simplicity’s sake. S always has this knack of giving just the right advice. He never says something that will just make you feel better. He believes in calling a spade a spade. S weighs the situation and says things that always make perfect sense, without beating about the bush. He is the truest friend. M could very well be an emotional counsellor. She will comfort you, and then lay down the facts before you. These facts will make you see your mistakes and at the same time make you feel better.

S’s first reaction was “Why the hell did you go through the chat? Why did you open it in the first place?” After listening to my explanation of why I was wandering into somebody else’s account, he said “Never go looking for things that somebody hasn’t shown/told you willingly. If it is meant for you, you’ll hear about it”. In my defence, I always respect other’s privacy as I expect them to respect mine.

M heard me out, patiently. She said, “They are people like that. They have various opinions of a person and her situations. One is for her eyes/ears and the others are saved so that they can gossip and make fun later. It doesn’t categorise them as good or bad. Don’t judge them. The best you can do is avoid being besties and gradually move away.”

The incident has changed me – in a small way but it has. I have grown up. I have realised that people won’t treat you nicely because you treat them in that way. There are all sorts of people who you will have to share time with in the journey called Life. It’s on you to choose how to let them affect you.

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