A Work in Progress

Mess & I, we don’t get along. Clutter gives me a high – not the good kind. I go cranky and bonkers. I like my things organized and planned. Order drives me to do better things. Life of a Virgo I tell you.

At workstation in office, my desktop remains very organized even during the busiest times of the year with only the most used icons and work in progress folders tiled on the left hand side. On the right hand side sticks a sticky that has my notes and reminders. As soon as I am done with a certain project, that folder is dispatched into the fathoms of relevant year wise folders. I try and name all the content in the most relevant ways – even the jpegs. You won’t find numerous unnamed “New Folder” on my system, no sir.

One of the reasons behind this OCD is that my job (I am a Visual Merchandiser) requires me to be aware of the content I possess. My boss may suddenly be overcome by the desire to see images of a certain store’s window display during the onset of Spring Summer ’13. I need to be able to track the file in the time that it takes him to get up from his desk and saunter over to mine. And he saunters over quite quick mind you, or maybe that’s because our cubicles are stationed like 5 feet apart from each other 😛

At home however, it’s a slightly different story. Things here are still as clutter free as I possibly can manage. But there is always room for improvement. So, I am looking at my bedroom right now and there is one pile of worn clothes from this week near the bed. There are a couple of used water bottles and one humongous zip-pack of Indian snack on the floor. Wires of different diameters, belonging to various gadgets and their adapters have intertwined and snaked across the room to get to the power booster. What is left of the floor is occupied by – well nothing!* punches the air*Almost all the other objects are in their rightful places and that makes me happy.

But cometh the weekend, and one whole day will be devoted to cleaning and organizing my tiny 1 bed room rented apartment.

To better days of clutter free living! 🙂


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