“The Fault in Our Stars”

I am emotional. There – I said it out loud and clear. I am kind of proud of it. It makes me a compassionate and accommodating human being. Sure – a few times, I keep my interests aside for others, but hopefully I’ll have my turn soon.

Watching movies, TV series and reading books is one of my favorite hobbies. I remember, how back in 9th grade, I used to read and re-read my textbook of Julius Caesar, even before my teacher had reached the half-way mark. The first time around, I teared up at the part where Caesar falls after he realizes the betrayal by his good friend Brutus.

Not long back, I wept like a child in the theatre while watching “Highway”. Alia Bhatt played the female protagonist. In one of the scenes, she confronts and lashes out at a family member for sexually abusing her at the tender age of 9. Her acting gave me goose bumps and her pain was tangible.

Quite recently, tears flowed freely while watching “The Fault in our Stars”. It was such a moving and tender portrayal of two young people in love. Their attempt at a normal life in the face of impending death was commendable. It made me believe more in love.

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7 thoughts on ““The Fault in Our Stars”

  1. It’s funny that I saw your post just after I asked a guy if he had see the fault in our stars (he had listed a couple of movies that moved him). This definitely was a sweet and moving movie. The part with the Anne Frank house was rather irritating though, why could they not just pick her bag?! Or let her rest a while.


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