It’ll Always Work Out Between Us :)

She put the key into the hole and coaxed the lock into turning. She breathed a sigh of relief. She was finally home. She put one tired foot after another over the doorstep, swinging the door closed behind her. It had been a really long day and it seemed to go on forever.

As she flicked on the lights in the doorway, she mentally corrected herself – it had all begun last night. She and her husband had disagreed over some trivial matter. Last night, the disagreement, fueled by a long distance relationship, had turned into a nasty shouting match, over the phone.

He rarely got angry. If he had raised his voice, it meant he had been pushed over the edge.  She wondered if she could have handled it differently. Her forehead creased and she absent-mindedly tucked a lock of hair behind her ears.

She had to make it right, she thought. Nothing in the world was worth this silence on both sides. She should probably drive down to his apartment. Surprise him. It was only a couple of hours away.

As she walked towards her dining table, she noticed a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers. Smiling, she walked towards it. No tags, no cards. Touching the petals of one flower, she reflected how another set of flowers accompanied by a box of chocolates awaited her husband at his doorstep.

She felt happy tears roll down her cheeks. It will always work out between us, always – she thought gleefully, before sinking down into the couch, feeling much lighter.

Inspired by Daily Prompt


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