I may be an Escapist!

A new room! A room that disappears! Only three things allowed!

This one’s come straight out of the fantastic world of Harry Potter. What will be the occupants of this room – besides me?

The first thing that springs to my mind is a cabinet that can store thoughts/memories.  It will serve as a one stop destination for all the ‘thoughts in passing ’and dilemmas that I can keep filing away.  This way, it will all still be at my disposal, whenever I am ready to deal with it and take it all in, maybe make some of the thoughts actionable.

What if I could store some sleep? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to store your everyday quota of sleep in one bucket? Use that time to do all the other wonderful things – read, explore, experiment. And then come back, use the collected sleep – hours at your leisure.

And then, to allow doing the two things above, I would need a comfortable couch with an inbuilt music system. That’ll calm my nerves and put me at ease.

Here’s what others would like to keep in the mysterious room.


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