Gateway to Happiness

What if you could travel to where ever you wanted- anytime of the day, without having to worry about money and all sorts of permits/permissions & paperwork? If you could fold that door into a small bag like Hermione Granger and carry it around everywhere you went? Wouldn’t that be…what would that be? In my terms that would be my own Gateway to Happiness! 😀

If I had to choose from the three luxuries of Invisibility Helmet, Time Machine and Anywhere Doors I would pick the later in a heartbeat. I would use it to visit, explore and experience all the places that I have ever wanted – Hogwarts being the priority.

Oh, and then there would also be the bucket list- the list of real places on earth to visit. You can read all about it here 🙂

Want to see what others have picked- click here!


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