The Wanderer in Me :)

Daily Prompt: 23rd April , 2014

Sometimes, even I am astonished by the force of my yearning to travel. To see everything there is to see, to soak in and revel in all the beauty around the world and capture all the breathtaking sights on the canvas of my mind.

Haven’t been able to travel so much lately, for all the myriad reasons one can think of – money crunch, leavelessness, no company and blah blah. But I do have a bucket list for places to travel and here it goes:

Greece: Santorini in particular. For the rich mythological history and architectural heritage.

Egypt: To see the country that harboured one of the oldest civilisations of the world

France: Beauty and Fashion!

USA: Ah! From Grand Canyon to Disney Land.

Germany: Castles – Need I say more?

Honorary Mentions – UK, Cambodia and Switzerland

Before I can go off day-dreaming about one of the above mentioned, I have to start saving up (Makes a mental note)

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