Happy Birthday Dearest Friend! :)

This is to wish a belated Birthday to one of the best friends I have ever had. She might not be reading this, but I want to do this for her for how much craziness, laughter, care and stability she brought into my life when we were together.

We are two different individuals – different personalities. She likes to read a different genre than I do, her taste in music is defined, she would watch horror movies with headphones on at midnight (Phew), she would go looking for crazy, random and weird things and they would invariably come to her. She loves to party, sneak out and play pranks. Perpetually in need of Chai, a lover of food, cooking and travelling, she has a zest for life.

But we connected too. On various and a number of levels. On a cheerful and tomboyish level. On childhood stories level. On life’s philosophy, friendship, love for family and need for photography level. On temperament and emotional level. On love of clothes, shoes, accessory and shopping level.

One of the few non-expressive people in my life, she is extremely caring – I am very accident prone – falling, twisting and spraining is my thing. She used to sit me down and bandage my hurting limb. We could go on without speaking a word to each other for days, but when we started talking – it wouldn’t stop. Our shared Chinese dinners, late night walks and so much laughter, counselling each other of too many expectations and broken hearts are forever etched into my mind.

It came as a shock, when she told me she had been diagnosed with a recurring disease – tumour in the brain, and it had been there for quite a while. Her desire to fight it and will to live – for her family and her loved one is commendable. While I write this with a heavy heart, I am so fiercely proud of her. My respect and love has grown many fold.

Keep believing my dear friend and keep smiling. Have faith and do your bit. Everything will fall in place. You are a survivor and a fighter – the brave and fierce kind. You have a lovely family and someone (you know who 🙂 ) loves you very, very much. For the gem in your life, for the person you are, for the family who loves you- keep smiling.

Memory on the menu: Neha – RIP. You will be greatly missed.


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