Chennai Express- A Review


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Haven’t been able to watch a decent movie in a theater in what seems like ages. Missed Lootera and Missed Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Last movie that I watched was Superman – Man of Steel and umm…well one of my friends actually dozed off during the screening.

So, when we struck a Jackpot of a long weekend, thanks to Id, some of us girlfriends decided to get together and hit the theater to watch the newly released Chennai Express.

Let me take you through the plus points of the movie first – Deepika Padukone, good tracks, picturesque locations and Deepika Padukone (the actress looked gorgeous to me what with her accented Hindi). Coming to the cons – Wafer thin plot, slap stick comedy and logic defying script.

To be fair, the movie did draw some chuckles from the audience in what was a fair enough run time. To cut the long story short – Rahul is on the way to Raameshwaram to take care of some family affairs and en route meets a damsel in distress. By the stroke of fate, their journey’s become entwined with each other. Then its all about escaping the wrath of her Don father, enraged fiancé, cars blowing and oh yeah..falling in love. And you get to see some nice locations and an item song.

If I had to suggest one reason of watching the movie it will sure as hell be DP! :D


5 thoughts on “Chennai Express- A Review

  1. Minakshi, it takes some guts and courage and guts to openly come in public and appreciate Rohit Shetty’s work! Hats off to you for that! I am a typical SRK Fan and have myself had to hear that alot 😛 Keep it up!


    • Hey. Not appreciating, but positive criticism is how I look at it. But I did love Deepika in the film 🙂

      I too have a couple of close male friends who love SRK. Not a fan though, but one can’t take away credit for the body of work he can boast off and his entrepreneurship skills 😀

      Thanks for taking out the time and sharing your thoughts. Makes putting out mine out there so much more worth while 🙂


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