I Love my City!

It’s been five years of knowing you, and my love for you increases day by day. You are unpredictable, yet reasonable, compatible with my tastes, preferences and adapt according to the changing times. The perfect Melting Pot. Bangalore – I love you!!

On a train journey with a friend, we sat down watching ‘Wake up Sid’ to while away time. It’s a refreshing, good watch, replete with good acting and foot tapping scores. The female protagonist arrives in the City of Dreams – Mumbai, in search for her independence and to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer.

Here’s my favourite part of the movie: She emphatically stresses on how coming to the city was her dream and now that she is here, it won’t do if she went got subdued by the city. Over course of a few weeks, she was head over heels in love with the city.

Recently, I went on a trip to Mumbai, for work. I have constantly been in awe of the city, partly because it is the Bollywood hub, financial capital and all that jazz. And partly because everybody I have met has always stressed on how amazing the city is.

Mumbai is indeed awe – striking. Heart of Indian Entertainment Industry (Bollywood, to most of us) – it carries so many dreams, aspirations and ambitions inside of itself, developing and nurturing some while handpicking some for rejection and desolation. Remains of British Rule strike a chord with history while the buildings with modern architecture and sky scrapers bring you face-to-face with the progress in terms of technology and finance. I liked it there.

But there is something about Bangalore that my mind and heart refute to fall in love with any other city I ever happen to visit. Not that I have seen much of India :P. But I am irrevocably in love with the city – the climate, the crowd the culture, the laid back yet progressive attitude and everything else. I might be found cursing the traffic every other day when I have to trek across to other part of city for work, I might be found haggling with the auto-drivers and cursing myself for not knowing the native language, but I am in love with Bangalore

Courtsey- beautifulcitiesoftheworld.blogspot.com

Courtsey- beautifulcitiesoftheworld.blogspot.com

Here, right here – I have struggled and I have managed. I have lost and I have won. I have self-doubted and I have been revived. I have wept and I have laughed. I have curled up in one corner and I have explored. I have exploded with anger and cried with compassion. I have detested and I have loved. I have let go and I have learnt. I have lost and I have gained. I have made a fool of myself and I have earned respect. The city has made me stronger and has helped me grow up in so many ways.

I love it here but I am sure as hell I am neither the first one to say so, nor the last.


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