Tainted Reputation

And another wave of shame engulfs the stardom and popularity of IPL. In the final stages of season, Delhi Police arrested three cricketers from Rajasthan Royals team (jointly owned by Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her husband) for spot fixing, which was the first of a string of arrests going on till date.

Much has been written and said about the spot fixing scandal that has given the cricket loving community another of its face palm moments. Each day since the three have been arrested has brought up news.
I personally will never be able to forget the shameful image of the three cricketers handcuffed and face covered and being led away from the flashing camera.

What was the motive behind the act? Did they really think that they would get away with this crime? Was there no fear for the consequences or guilt ridden self-respect? I am bewildered at their guts to get into this mess when they had their respective untarnished handsome paying careers.

If they really prove guilty, it goes without saying that they should be appropriately penalised. And the shameful images should act as a reminder to all the aspiring sportsmen. Sometimes, the respect earned let’s you live with a more peaceful and satisfied life than the loads of cash that most seem to run after.


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