A Chip on my Shoulder

One day, when I was still childish, I was troubled about something from school. My dad had a piece of suggestion to offer me as solace, “Never expect help from the person you help. Help for you will come from unexpected sources”.

Needless to say, I did not realize the head or tail of that statement then. But as time flew by, it actually began to sound right. I taught myself to be nice to everybody, to be ready to lend a hand to people around me and became a firm believer in the principles of humanity-until of course, a confrontation happened and made me question my beliefs.

One pleasant morning, a few days ago, I was heading to work. On the way near a bus stop, I saw a lady struggling with packages and fuming for some reason. She was a familiar face – we have passed each other on numerous occasions, going in opposite directions but I don’t think she must have noticed (gauging from her reaction).

Now she was pretty old and was struggling to lift a considerably heavy bag for her age. Like a responsible citizen and good human being, I walked up to her, smiled and offered to help. In return, I get scoffed at, and get to hear a generalized bad opinion about my country. Stunned at the unexpected reaction, I replied that the opinion needed a change. Pat came a reply, in an anguished voice “Give me a reason to.”

Now, if an “offer to help” wasn’t a reason enough, then I am at loss at what might be. I was unsettled for the remainder of the day and my belief in humanity lay pretty shaken.

Who would like to be shouted at by strangers, in full public view – for offering to help? I saw the same lady, reading newspaper at a bakery shop the next day.  I wondered if I would be in a hurry to help someone, any time soon. And I found myself unconsciously shaking my head in a no.

Daily Prompt: 11th May, 2014


11 thoughts on “A Chip on my Shoulder

    • You know, for some time after that day, I thought that the experience would change me. But thankfully it hasn’t. 😀
      Thanks for taking the time out. It’s really encouraging. 🙂


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