Monday Blues

Blue-MondayIt is that day of the week again – when opening eyes to the shrill sound of alarm is slightly more annoying than the rest of the days and climbing out of the bed becomes just a tad bit more difficult. In these cases, the term Monday Blues sounds just about right. But all the whining and procrastinating by a few minutes dooms the whole day and probably the week too.

Why not start the day (and the week) on a bright note so that we at least feel good and confident? There probably won’t be a single thing that can make the pain of a Monday morning wane. But a few little things can sure diminish it.

  • First things first – and that means finishing over the pending things before starting off with new projects and goals. Plan your weekend such that you have enough time to sign off all the pending assignments and reports that needed taking care of. That’ll take off the tension about any prospect of an unpleasant confrontation by boss over unfinished assignments.
  • If you need to run some errands – like grocery or gift shopping, paying off bills, repairs at your house and likewise, have a to – do list ready in order of priority and finish off as much as possible so that you don’t spend the whole coming week cribbing how things are not taken care of.
  • Make sure you have a little extra time in your hand on a Monday morning. Now, since the 24 hour day won’t stretch to accommodate our daily routine, it is upon us to make room for all of it. So, go to sleep a little early on Sunday night and wake up a few minutes earlier on Monday morning. You’ll be amazed how having a few minutes’ spare turns around your mood for the better.jinjerup-mondayblues
  • Take a few moments to plan your outfit for the day. Studies and researches have shown that our choice of colour echoes our mood and vice versa. So, opt for your favourite colour from your closet of office wear and brighten up for the day. Oh, and don’t forget to accessorize properly, keeping in mind the environment of your work place.
  • Wear your favourite perfume/aftershave. A nice, subdued smell around you will make you feel good all day.
  • Hydrate yourself for the day ahead with fresh fruit juice, milk shake or coconut water. It’ll rev up your engine (read energy).
  • Leave for office a little early. Monday morning implies bad traffic and you don’t want to get caught up in one. Also, a few moments in the office can help you put your desk in order for the new week.
  • On the way to office and while getting ready, tune in to radio or to your playlist and listen to your favourite tracks.
  • Don’t forget to take a minute to thank God for a new day which means new opportunities. Also, remember to remember your loved ones- family, relatives and close friends and wish then good luck for the week. You’ll be delighted when they wish you back

Monday’s are inevitable and it is always going to be a little gloomy after a free weekend. That is unless and until we make a conscious effort to confront the Mondays with a smile and take it head on.


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