Temple Run 2- the Latest Addiction

Thought gaming apps couldn’t get better when you met Temple Run? All of us just fell in love with it. But wait till you get your hands on Temple Run 2. Yes! The part is out for download on ios but the android friendly version will soon follow.

Since I don’t own an i-phone, I pestered a colleague to download and install the app. And when she did, there was no stopping me. The game has been improved in every aspect possible (not complaining about the first one though, I still remain a loyal temple runner). The scenery has finer details, the chase has newer hurdles and traps and there are gems to collect. The chase has moved from just the plains to mines and hills. The monkey chasing the character is bigger. The points meter and the upgrades remain about the same. There are four characters for you to toggle with and unlike the previous one; they come with more than just cosmetic difference. The game controls remain the same – slide up, down, left and right.

What actually deserves applauds is the perfect balance of game credits won through the chase and purchased through actual currency. The balance keeps the interest alive unlike other games where you tend to give up after being prompted for purchase of credits repeatedly.

I couldn’t get my hands off the phone for the love of the game. I am already addicted. Temple Run 2 looks all set and intent to attract the attention of one and all.


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