India Shining. Really?

gangrape_660_121912083215 In the present era, there are so many issues that have been successful in involving the county and uniting them as one. Cricket invariably features in list and occupies the top slot followed by country’s love of Bollywood. But the most recent unfortunate incident that shook the nation to its core was the Delhi Gang Rape Case.

It has been a month since the unfortunate day. With all due respect to the deceased girl, it is all that the country has talked about since the last month. The girl was subjected to the most heinous and brutal of crimes. Just imagining the events of the 45 minutes of the bus ride sends a shiver down the spine of the bravest of the souls. No punishment on the face of earth seems like appropriate for the accused. There have been a lot of posts of protest on Face book and twitter. And a lot of them have pointed out the lack of places where girls are actually safe from sexual abuse and harassment. And rightly so, as there have been abundant of unfortunate cases where a girl has been molested, raped or sexually harassed at home by own relatives.

Recently, three of us girls were sitting discussing things over lunch at office. The conversation invariably took a turn on the unfortunate incident at Delhi on 16th December. It kept flowing and came to the point where we confessed that all of us have either faced molestation at home or know a close friend who has been through the trauma.

The effect of such an incident on the girl’s mind is immeasurable. One part of her emotional and sexual aspect is marred forever. She can forget and forgive everything, but she can’t get around the fact that a family member outraged her modesty. Is a growing girl at home an easy target for there are chances that she will shut her mouth forever? However outspoken a girl might be the memory of the times makes the world around her collapse. It is a mammoth task to regain the confidence that was lost. I respect those girls who get over the fact and move on to better places in life and those men, who have the heart to respect and accept these women and to understand that it was not their fault, and those parents who support their daughters in such testing times.

There have been inappropriate remarks from various corners of politics about women and the gang rape case. I heard somebody on radio say “Even in today’s world, some of us are travelling on the highway of mentality and some are still on the age-old Kuchcha Roads. When these two intersect, those are the times when people have the guts to come up and make such derogatory remarks.” I would say the situation has been very nicely put. There are a string of demands by the protestors about reforming the law in the constitution to make it stricter against rape victims. Allow me to point a very important aspect of this scenario. Even as this case is waiting closure (which is a long, long way to go),

Enough is Enough

there are hundreds of such cases lost between the innumerable dates and mounds of files. Many more have not even been registered. And a lot of women have just given up on it.

Making laws tougher is good, establishing fast track courts is even better. But maybe what India does need at this point and time is awakening that in the molestation and rape incidents, 99.999 times of 100, it is not the woman’s fault. A woman is not an item for recreation and a young girl at home does not mean she is food for somebody’s damned sexual appetite.


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