A Remarkable Initiative by KFC, Bangalore

Yesterday, I happened to go to KFC, Forum Value Mall for a quick bite after office with a friend. The queue was short and it was our turn to order in no time. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the staff taking orders at the counter was a person with a disability. He could not hear or speak. He gestured with his hands towards the menu and guided us through the process of placing the order.

English: KFC restaurant, Total Mall, Old Airpo...

English: KFC restaurant, Total Mall, Old Airport road, Bangalore, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was impressed. It is such a novel initiative by KFC India, and such a respectful way of employment for people with disability. Trust me when I say, these people were no less efficient than other employees. They manage their tasks perfectly well.

I had a conversation with the Shift Manager. There is another KFC franchisee store at Total Mall, Bangalore which has taken up the same initiative. This is a step ahead for Social Responsibility by KFC, India. It has found an extremely likable way of giving the society something back.

I could sit and applaud KFC for this step for hours. Hopefully, this drive would pick up an infectious phase and spread to other retailers as well.

Looking forward to it 🙂


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