Of Lives and the Lines in Between

There are phases in everybody’s life. Phases that are easily discernible by certain behavioural and character traits. Mine has been marked by the two and by closeness to certain people. There one was phase when I was excited about starting writing by own blog and then very nearly abandoned it. This is one phase that I have begun to feel attracted to it again this time hoping that it will last longer.

Right now, my life is in a very comfortable phase. It looks like everything is in its rightful place. That’s just the overview – just like when you open a can of biscuits and you are satisfied with the general state of well-being of all of them. It is only when you start taking them out one by one that you realize that some of them have eroded corners, a few have developed cracks and some of them have been crushed all together.

Between the struggle to live life comfortably in an expensive metropolitan like Bangalore and to settling in a new environment, there are certain aspects of my life that have brushed off corners. Between trying to find the things that I love and in the painful journey, many of my relationships have developed cracks that will probably never mend. And between trying to be my own person, be a mamma’s girl and adjusting to cynics & hypocrites of people – a tiny part of me gets crushed to dust every other day.

While I was thus whining about all of this to a friend after listening patiently for a while, she just went ahead and said “You have no idea of the kind of problems that other people have in their lives. You are blessed and stay that way. Don’t try and create problems from the things that aren’t even there.”

No sooner than those words came out of her mouth, I stopped midway through my next set of complaints. A wry smile shook me from my reverie when I did realize my life, as of now, is as perfect as it could possibly be given the set of constants and variables that I have adopted, created, inherited, absorbed, inculcated or learned. There are a few ups and downs – there always will be. Otherwise life will lose the spices – won’t it?


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