It Hides as Much as it Reveals!

It’s the less…..sorry the lace way to go…..When “I-got- a- new- haircut”-Emma Watson wears a short black lace dress to the premier of much awaited and greatly anticipated Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(which of course is going all out, all guns blazing at the box office) and the author of the book Mrs. J.K Rowling decides to give her company in a similar black full length evening gown, you don’t need an award for guessing that this is the vogue this season(folks, I am not talking about Harry Potter, I am talking about the lace dress…the popularity of this film I tell you).

Jokes apart, Emma, the fashion icon of today’s youngsters, has been closely scrutinized for her dressing sense by the fashion pundits and has been applauded too. And when the occasion is as big as a red carpet event for the penultimate Harry Potter movie, it is bound to be minutely and critically evaluated.  Emma in her new haircut and the dress looks a cute, adorable and naughty school girl while the graceful J.K Rowling imparts a different face to the dress altogether.

The last issue of Vogue magazine also endorses the lavish use of lace in dresses. And not only the stars associated with Harry Potter (stop it, enough mention of the movie already) but also our heart throbs like Taylor Swift (we all know who she is right? The ex girlfriend of Taylor Lautner and the of course the pretty singer with a beautiful voice and popular tracks like Love story, Mine, Whit Horse to her name) and Rihanna (yes, she likes the way we lie). Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, all these dresses have been in Black (oh stupid me, there are pictures for you to see).

So here we are girls, with the latest “in-vogue” fashion. Go grab a lace dress that hides and reveals at the same time and kill your guys (and other’s also while you are at it).

J.K Rowling Rihana Taylor Swift Emma Watson


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